Tuesday, August 22, 2006

so far, sooooooooo

Still further
You're everywhere
You're always there
But you're never here
Still with me is
Only ……..You
I hear you say
But you're still there
And not here
You released others from soreness
But you prisoned me in

just wish....!!!????

Dead wishes

I still remember the killing words
Word by word, letter by letter
They crawled in my mind and ate
All of my memories of the past
I couldn't forget that cruel lines
How I wish to be died
Be released from this Melancholy
How I wish I'd never been
Never seen what I've seen
How I wish to be never lived
Never seen my soul fall
But they're only wishes
Dead wished of me
to flee from reality
And flee from all these deceptions ….

Sunday, August 20, 2006

have u ever felt an insider iciness???

Cold without you
Hush ………….
It's time to sleep
I lay down on my bed
Like a bed of thistles
Spinning and turning upon this bed
Try to kill the pain of thistles
Feel my self shaking inside
And asking my self
Am I cold?
I don't feel a true cold
But I feel an inner cold
A cold that aching me
A cold that tormenting me
Is it true?
Is it real?
Coldness because of the emptiness
The emptiness which you had left
I miss the warmth sit
I miss the warm embrace
Where are you?
Stealer of my smile
Giver of the tenderness
Don't leave me here alone
I can't take breaths without you
I'm lost without you
I'm desperate without you
And I'm cold without you.

it's for u dougie


He read me on paper
He get me, he felt me
His greatest words
Make me regain my confidence
From his lines, I saw a light
Like a torch, tries to guide me
It gave me the hand of help
As a hand given to a drowned
I make my mind up to follow this light
Hopefully it will not fade away

And last beside me forever

Saturday, August 19, 2006

shocked words

This is a poem from a friend of mine " DOUGIE"
DOUGIE thanx alot for these great words
Love lost renewed and found.

Her words were penned with such dismay
All she wished for was death this day
Between the lines of her verse I feared her life
Could be no worse

For love had taken its terrible curse, her heart
cried out in pain each hour and day, again and again.
If only she could have a short relent, time to get back her
sanity and strength

Life’s great pathways twist and turn, a new
doorway opens and life regains
I hope for her, she opens that door and places
destiny in control once more

To see her eyes so clear and true, no more despair
showing through would be my wish
And one day to sit with her too chat and smile that would
make life worthwhile

Friday, August 11, 2006

luv sucks

Phantom Pain
Around, all around, the dark memories gather
My dread grows as doom's scythe falls against my heart
It wounds me, and darkly my blood drips to the broken ground
In agony I call your name while nothingness surrounds me
Now alone, my cold tears fall upon my frozen cheeks
This is your love............

Away from here
Lost in the darkness
Try to find a spotlight
Follow this hole of light
Walking toward it
Remaining walking and walking
Hope I can see something
Hope I can find another life
Hope I can feel and breath again
I see this light close to me
But it still far away from me
I want this light to guide me
To show me the endless path
Feel the darkness, feel the madness
Black clouds surrounding me
And the angry hand of heaven killing me
Can someone come and take me away
Take me away from here
Take me away…..where I forget my pain and sorrow
So come and take me away from here…!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My deep scream

bleeding, screaming,
yelling, crying,
who's left here alone
but me???????????
this is me aloneeee
this is me.......lost in the
can you hear my scream
can you hear me
call your name......


special dedication

to the one i loved, to the one i love , to the one i'll love all the rest of life.....

I love you, I miss you

Solitude is hunting me
Agony is torturing me
Lonesome is killing me
And he still says I love you
And he still repeats I miss you
My face forgot how to smile
My eyes forgot how to shine
Me heart forgot how to trust
And he still says I love you
And he still repeats I miss you
No one can fix me
No word can bless me
No angels can save me

Until he comes back to me.

My favorite poem

Dream of death

Hopeless life, endless pain
Remaining agony, blinding days
Waiting for something to happen
When all hope has past
Drifting through the black memories
Living in lies and try to believe
Asking, what I'm here for?
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain
No lethal injection to stop this life of hell
No bleeding stab to prevent this cascade of tears
It is easy to die on paper
But it is hard to make it real
So go to sleep and dream of death
Maybe one day your dream will come true…!!?

i adore this picture

i love this picture ,really i love it.....???!!!!!
this is why i wrote this few words instead of speaking or seeing:

A question for you?

In a silent night
Stare at the moon
Stare at the stars
Ask them about
What makes me cry?
Ask them about
My burning heart
Ask them about
My lost love
Ask them about
My insignificant life
Ask them what I'm here for?
Begging them to answer me
To find no answer.............!!!
And let the question for you
What have you done to me?

My first poem

this is my first poem i've written

My eternal agony

I stand in the darkness
With a silent sight
With a frozen and empty soul
Wounding by the lonesome
With bloody tears of my cold eyes
Fall to whisper to my injured heart
About the memories we had
About the moments we shared
But wake up again
To find my self alone in the shadows
Of my pain and sorrow
To realize that your lost love
Made me live in an eternal agony ……..