Friday, December 01, 2006


A rose in the rain

You broke, you lusted
You hurt, and you didn't mind!
You left a heart bleeding
You left a soul wounding
You left a green spirit lost
In madness and dismay
Eyes which find
No more tears to cry
Have you ever asked your self
What a childish stride you've taken?
Should you feel culpable?
Just take a look behind you
And see what you left over there?
You just left me a rose in the rain

save me...!!????

Save me!

When everything is seen gloomy and faking
When life is been worthless and trivial
When days are turning as book's papers
When feelings and emotions are burning within a dead body
You linger for someone to wake you up
To wipe your tears away
To make a farewell to this nightmarish
But you still wait and ask for ……
Ask for salvation
Ask for deliverance …..
Waiting and standing just in vain
Call me up
Wake me up
Like you call the dead out
In a dark murky necropolis
Surrounding by the stroke of death
Taking your last breath
And say
Save me from my self….!!??