Tuesday, May 12, 2009

turn the page

Forget him girl!
Forget his name, forget his face

Forget his sweet words and warm embrace

Forget the love that once was true

Remember now there’s someone new
Forget the way he used to talk

Forget how you memorized his walk

Forget the fights you two

now he’s happy not sad
Forget the times he made you cry

Forget the times when he was by your side

Forget the way he spoke your name

Remember now things aren’t be the same
Forget the love that once was shared

Forget the fact that he once cared

Forget how close you two were

Remember now he has chosen her

Forget the days that went so fast

Forget them all they’re just the past

Forget the promises he gave to you

Forget him girl, for he has FORGOTTEN YOU!


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