Friday, December 01, 2006

save me...!!????

Save me!

When everything is seen gloomy and faking
When life is been worthless and trivial
When days are turning as book's papers
When feelings and emotions are burning within a dead body
You linger for someone to wake you up
To wipe your tears away
To make a farewell to this nightmarish
But you still wait and ask for ……
Ask for salvation
Ask for deliverance …..
Waiting and standing just in vain
Call me up
Wake me up
Like you call the dead out
In a dark murky necropolis
Surrounding by the stroke of death
Taking your last breath
And say
Save me from my self….!!??


Blogger Adam said...

These two words describe your poetry..

..Powerful, and rich. (worth saving, also, for a rainy day)

It's good to see you writing again here. Welcome back!


01 December, 2006 11:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i never see a poetry like this;you know its very sad,tayartiha l-edgard allan poe.bassah a zahia;tfaali chwia;nhabek dima tdhki.*salim*

21 December, 2006 06:24  
Blogger morbid prince said...

sah habo rani just nberbech fret
ki kont ga3d wana mrid dert blogge jdid.
asm3i habit nchouf bloggi legdim bassah nssitooo ma3andekch ladress??? ab3thihali plz

06 October, 2007 08:48  

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